Maria F.
Chandler, AZ

This bakery has been a blessing to go to for many years when I was growing up and going to school at Hamilton High. I literally picked up my cheese bagel breakfast here just about every morning as a high schooler.
After moving away in 1987, I did not get a chance to come back to the bakery until last year... the bakery has changed ownership, but the same flavors and baked goods are still available. I introduced my sister to this bakery last month and she's hooked on them now too.
What to order?! Well, my main staple is the cheese bagels and Almond horn... Those two baked goods are not duplicated anywhere... and I look for these two specific items every time I'm at a bake shop.
The shop is updated and looks like a little cafe. Grab a bagel with cream cheese and lox with capers... that's my fave. I also now order their Chai latte... truly the best IMO.
The owner, Avi, is a great guy who's always smiling and accommodating.
Definitely worth my time going out of the way to eat my bagel and pick up my stash of baked goodies to haul all the way to Phoenix.

Rob W.
Torrance, CA

Only been here once, had a unique pastry. Ordered something I haven't had before, a poppy seed hamentaschen. Not overly sweet, and I like the actual pastry component.

Service was good. Coffee was fine, out of a thermos.

Sim T.
Los Angeles, CA

The rye bread was much better than any of the other kosher options in town. It was fresh which is something I am not used to.

I would hope that they consider expanding their breakfast offerings. I see a lot of potential here considering LA does not have a viable kosher breakfast place with decent breakfast options.

I'll keep coming in for the rye and hope one day to see a proper breakfast menu.

Ann C.

First time here and OMG! The chocolate danish are AWESOME! We lucked out and got some just as they came out of the oven. So delicious and so good. We also picked up some rugelach to take home.
The owner was really nice and friendly. Definitely coming back here!!

G T.
Phoenix, AZ

Fred's Bakery has been around for years and is a staple in the neighborhood for good reason. Everything here is made to perfection, fresh, and never disappoints. The bagels are amazing; the cheese ones are to die for! All the baked goods and pastries are delicious; my absolute favorite being the Almond Chocolate Horns. It's seventh heaven to my tastebuds! Also, I just have to note that I'm not a fan of anything 'Chai' but Fred's Chai Latte will change any nonbeliever into a fan. I can't come here and not get one. It's downright addictive! I drive all the way from Arizona, just for Fred's Bakery and Avi's (the owner) service with a smile! I kid you not, Fred's is the real deal and totally worth the drive! It's that good.

Marc B.
Poway, CA

Fantastic bakery! Small interior by most standards, but the food/recipes were great! The new-ish owner told me that they make everything from scratch! My thoughts on some of the food options:

Bagels: Though not specifically a "bagel place," they have a small assortment of incredible bagels! I highly recommend the Onion/Garlic/Cheddar. They're fluffy and large, as opposed to most LA places that serve small, dense bagels. The bagels toast well and taste great with cream cheese (at the Bakery or at home)!

Black & White Cookie: Now my favorite B&W on the Westside. They're made fresh, but are kept preserved in individual plastic bags. The cookie itself was the perfect softness. Good chocolate and good vanilla (which is uncommon). At first I thought there wasn't enough frosting, but I was wrong. I was able to eat the entire cookie and not feel bloated or go on a sugar rush.

Chocolate danish: Also very good! It's like a giant chocolate Rugelach, which they have small ones of. Powdered sugar on the outside, airy middle, and chocolate all throughout.

Hamantaschen: They have the "normal" flavors, like cherry, apricot, prune, and poppy seed, but I'd like to seem them try an original flavor every new and again. Perhaps blueberry or strawberry, or a mix of two things.

Mini sprinkled cookies: they don't look super impressive, but they taste great, and aren't overly-buttery or overly-sugary.

Rob D.
Los Angeles, CA

Words cannot describe how happy I am to see Fred's under Avi's ownership. My wife and I (and many of our friends) remember the original Fred's. After some lack luster (prior owner) changes, Avi is now in charge - and boy, what a blessing! EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS! Do yourself a favor - run don't walk to Fred's...and if you've found that they're out of ribbon cookies- it's probably because you got there after I did. Thanks, Avi!!

Jason H.
Los Angeles, CA

I have only tried the rugelach, but OMG is it amazing. When your teeth touch the outside of this delicious pastry you sense the perfectly cooked slightly crispy exterior. As they continue their journey into this little morsel of heaven, you are greeted by soft dough interlaced with just the right amount of chocolate that makes your mouth yearn for more. You force yourself to chew slowly to make sure each one of your tastebuds can share equally in the joy of this delectable treat. You then ask yourself, "Why have I wasted my time eating rugelach from other places?"

The owner is a delight and is justifiably proud of his offerings. I look forward to trying other freshly baked goods in this magical place.

Claire C.
Los Angeles, CA

Really delicious pastries, good prices, and the nicest baker/owner! So happy to have found another fantastic kosher bakery in the area. Will definitely be back!

Deedee A.
Los Angeles, CA

I went to check this place out for the first time. Like many other nearby bakeries I didn't expect anything spectacular, but I was pleasantly surprised. The guy that worked there (not sure if he was the owner) was patient and kind but the baked goods were amazing. Got a babka which was good and the challahs were phenomenal!!! My husband was very impressed and it was nice to find a place that makes challahs that are just as good as homemade ones. I was talking to the guy about my kids and he gave me two cookies to take to them which he didn't have to do but he went out of his way. Great customer service, great food.

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